Celebrating the Women


NF Bureau (By Pranab Pani): This universe and this World have progressed, so are the lives of the people, but sadly some mindsets remained stuck in the time warp zone. Even in this 21st century, there are several Men who continue to dwell in the feudalism. The outer manifestation could exhibit a pseudo egalitarian view but the undercurrent emotions are unable to accept the women as equal partners. Either jealousy for the better half or the domineering machismo rules the relationship.

Many educated working men with working spouses have this uneasy feeling in between. Men still wish his lady to be a coy caretaker. Many working women either are sacrificing and compromising their careers and ambitions or rebelling against. The tension continues affecting several couples and their families. Women still are struggling to have their choices and decisions. The paternalistic society shackles the freedom and the women fights on.

The other side of the story unfolds the hyper ambitious women shirking familial responsibilities in pursuance of hedonistic freedom and career ambitions. Many married working ladies even don’t wish to be biological mothers to rear up children. There are others who, with their unbridled freedom, try to manipulate men’s emotions while skirting family responsibilities. Thus, the troubled social milieu and mutual aggression result in several breakups.

Men and Women are the most beautiful creations of the Nature. They must complement each other rather than competing with. Family value system coupled with the sacred notion of respecting each other while giving individual spaces would put them on equal footing. World needs the gracious presence of the women and their inherent strength of multitasking coupled with the genetically soothing nature of love and compassion to make this world livable and in peace. Society must encourage them unconditionally and the men folks should give space and support for mutual growth and happiness. Woman is beyond flesh and blood, she’s the epitome of love and strength. A civilized society must know how to respect its women.

Let’s raise a toast to all our beautiful ladies and take pride in having them with us. It’s empathy and not sympathy that our women need. But more than that is to respect them. Let’s celebrate their presence every day.

Together WE Can.

Women’s Day… Everyday…

— Pranab Pani (www.talendeate.com)

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