‘Royal Snub’ to the Royals in Bolangir


Nation First News:  For the first time, the voters in Bolangir have sought to give a clear message to the political parties. The Royals in the District are getting royal snub when they are pitted against others. However, if there is a direct fight between two Royals, one of them is bound to be on the winning side. One Royal had the last laugh in Bolangir Lok Sabha seat, but others tasted defeat in Patnagarh and Bolangir Assembly Seats.

In Patnagarh, five-time MLA and BJP stalwart KV Singh Deo had to bite the dust against Saroj Meher of BJD, who replaced the 2014 candidate Prakriti Devi Singh Deo (from the same Royal family). BJD understood the pulse of people and fielded a commoner against the Royal in Patngarh and he won by a margin of 11,028 votes. In Bolangir Lok Sabha seat, the battle was between the family members only, and Sangeeta Singh Deo (BJP) defeated Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo (BJD) by 19,516 in a close contest.

In Bolangir Assembly seat, another Royal Arkesh Narayan Singh Deo was fielded by the BJD, but he failed to overcome the challenge from a reluctant veteran Narasingha Mishra (Congress) who was not in a mood to contest, was given a ticket at the last minute, but still managed to win by 5,341 votes. In total, 4 Royals contested the polls in Bolangir, but only one of them emerged victorious. The message is loud and clear for all political parties, especially BJD and BJP. They must look beyond the Royals in future if they want success.

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