Comparison of Vote Share in Odisha: 2014 vs 2019


Nation First News:  When we compare the vote share of 2014 and 2019 in Odisha for both Assembly and Lok Sabha polls, it’s pretty clear that BJP has grown at the cost of Congress, but BJD’s vote share has witnessed a minor decline in Lok Sabha polls. The ruling party has surprisingly increased its vote share in Assembly polls while BJP has registered a significant increase in vote share in Lok Sabha as compared to Assembly.

In 2014 Lok Sabha Polls, BJP had secured just 21.5% of the total vote share in Odisha, but in 2019, its vote share has gone up by 17% to 38.4%. This is definitely huge gain, but it needs to work hard to eat into Congress and BJD votes more to win more than 50% of the total seats. BJD’s vote share witnessed a decline of just 1.3% and that’s the reason the party still won 12 out of 21 seats. Congress has been on a sharp decline in the State as the trend proves.

In 2014 Assembly Polls, BJD had secured 43.4% of the total votes. Interestingly, it has increased the percentage to 44.7% in 2019. The BJP, which had received 18% vote share, has taken it to 32.5% – a gain of 14.5%. Congress lost 9% vote share from 25.7% to 16.1%. This is the area where BJP needs to work hard to gain more from the Congress.

Vote Share @ Lok Sabha Polls:

2014: BJD: 44.1% Congress: 26% BJP: 21.5%
2019: BJD: 42.8% BJP: 38.4% Congress: 13.8%

Vote Share @ Assembly Polls:

2014: BJD: 43.4% Congress: 25.7% BJP: 18%
2019: BJD: 44.7% BJP: 32.5% Congress: 16.1%

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