Odisha Assembly Polls 2019: Seats with Victory Margin of < 2000 Votes


Nation First News:  At least 8 seats in 2019 Assembly Polls in Odisha have seen close fights where the victory margin was less than 2000 votes. The lowest victory margin was in Kantabanji. Here, Santosh Singh Saluja of Congress had defeated Laxman Bag of BJP by 128 votes. In Laxmipur too, Congress candidate Kailash Kulesika lost the battle by just 229 votes.

Here’s the list of Assembly Seats where victory margin is less than 2000:

Kantabanji – Santosh Singh Saluja (Congress) beat Laxman Bag (BJP) by 128 votes.

Laxmipur – Prabhu Jani (BJD) beat Kailash Chandra Kulesika (Congress) by 229 votes.

Parjanga – Nrusingha Charan Sahu (BJD) beat Bibhuti Bhusan Pradhan (BJP) by 740 votes.

Rajgangpur – CS Raazen Ekka (Congress) beat Mangala Kisan (BJD) by 946 votes.

Keonjhar – Mohan Majhi (BJP) beat Madhaba Sardar (BJD) by 1124 votes.

Udala – Bhaskar Madhei (BJP) beat Srinath Soren (BJD) by 1433 votes.

Barchana – Amar Prasad Satpathy (BJD) beat Amar Nayak (BJP) by 1485 votes

Nilgiri – Sukanta Kumar Nayak (BJP) beat Santosh Khatua (BJD) by 1577 votes.

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