Odisha celebrates Raja Parba – Festival of Womanhood


Nation First News:  Raja Parba, a three-day festival in Odisha, is a celebration of womanhood. The Raja festival is celebrated by and for, women and girls.

Women and girls from all ages celebrate the annual festival with great fervour and gaiety in Odisha.

While the first day is called Pahili Raja, second and third days are known as Mithuna Sankranti and Bhu daaha respectively. On the fourth day, Vasumati snan or ceremonial bath of Bhudevi is celebrated.

Raja is characterized by the traditional swing. “Banaste daakila gaja…” is one of the famous Raja song.

During the festival, women and girls from across the state mainly in coastal belt buy new clothes and celebrate it by taking a break from day today life. They decorate themselves with traditional Saree and Alatha in feet.

Various Pithas such as Podopitha and Enduri Pitha are main pitha in food item. Raja special Pana and Mutton dish are also famous in Raja.

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