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Where is Nithyananda? Where is Kailaasa?

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NFN Bureau: After the self-styled godman Nithyananda announced a new country ‘Kailaasa’ without borders with separate flag and emblem, the Indian Government swung into action and launched a massive offensive across the world to locate him.

Contrary to the media reports, Ecuador has denied providing asylum to Nithyananda or selling any island to him. So, it’s not clear where exactly ‘Kailaasa’ is located. It’s not even known whether ‘Kailaasa’ is just an idea or a physical territory.

The concept of ‘Kailaasa’ exists since 2014 as seen in a Facebook post by Nithyananda’s accomplice Ranjithaa in her postings. Some other reports claim that the so-called nation is located near Trinidad and Tobago. However, no concrete details have emerged yet.

Ecuador Kailaasa


With the government alerting agencies and trying its best to locate Nithyananda, who is currently with a cancelled Indian passport, it would be interesting to see where exactly the controversial godman is hiding now.

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