Debate on possibility of split voting in Odisha


NFN Bureau: What’s your take on Exit Poll Predictions for #Odisha ? Have people of the State voted separately for Lok Sabha & Assembly polls? Has Odisha set a new trend with split voting?

Subhakant Das: Don’t think so….When they couldn’t differentiate between a scheme from central govt or state govt, how come this be done?

Sachidananda Swain: Don’t think so. When the state election and general election happen simultaneously, it will be very rare that people will vote separately. In 99% cases, it will be for the same party. However, a MP seat consists of several MLA seats and due to this factor there may be a chance we see different results. As far as this election for Odisha, BJD is way ahead of BJP and Congress for both elections.

Simanchala Mishra: Of course.Voters here are more matured than other parts of the country.

Aniruddha Nayak: No doubt. You can take example of Cuttack Barabati… People voted BJP in MP seat, but for Mohd. Moquim in MLA seat… Even in Jagatsinghpur and other area, people cast their vote center for BJP and State for BJD.

Ashok Kumar: People of Odisha have their different opinion for #State & #Nation.

Yagnadutta Swain: As BJD will sweep the assembly elections, that will reflect in Lok Sabha too. There is split voting in urban and semi urban areas, but in rural areas there is no splitting except the educated mass. I was in the field. In rural areas, people failed to distinguish which compartment is Lok Sabha & which is assembly .So there is no split voting. They have chosen a single party. So, the party having maximum number of MLAs will win the MP elections too.

Simantini Jena: If we accept the trend and the exit poll, then it’s a split voting.. It’s somehow good for matured democracy. People have a option to choose and punish.

Dev Siwach: Yes. In Koraput, Malkangiri People’s have voted separately for MP and MLA candidates.

Abhin Adhikari: Hope so. But if in case BJP joins hands with BJD to form government, then BJP is never going to recover again in Odisha for sure.

Prakash Parija: Yes. People have voted for Modi in Centre and Naveen in State.

Rakesh Gupta: Yes, People of Odisha voted separately keeping national interest and local need in their mind.

Anuj Sahoo: No. BJD will win easily as rural voters don’t focus much on PM candidate.

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