Facebook Debate on Panel formed by SC on Ayodhya Dispute


NF Bureau: After a long delay, the Supreme Court has finally formed a mediation panel to resolve the Ayodhya dispute, which would submit its final report within two months. We have hheld a debate on Facebook on this issue.

Our Question: Can the Mediation Panel appointed by the Supreme Court resolve the Ayodhya Dispute?

Your Views:

Abhin Adhikari: No, already such things were experimented in the past, but it has failed.The intention is just to delay the verdict. Will the Supreme Court adopt the same stand on all title suits in future?

धर्मवीर सिंह: No. It is just a delaying tactics. Why Supreme Court is playing with Hindu sentiments? Why are they afraid to give judgement which is correct according to them based on the facts?

Jagannath Satapathy: Justice delayed is being Justice denied .But it must be a case of self-introspection case for the honourable supreme court. If they believe mediators can resolve this case, why did they delay it for long by wasting the valuable energy and time. They are playing with the sentiments of crores of tolerant Hindus. We can’t expect justice as the law does not seem to be taking its own course.

Dilip Kumar Joshi: The Supreme Court is delaying just to avoid any disturbances during elections. Even Govt has not shown any interest to resolve this issue permanently. BJP keeps using this weapon for elections. However, we may still hope that the mediators may come up with some mutually agreed solution

Balkrishna Mohapatra: Definitely. The three-member panel can resolve this long awaited issue. But, people need to accept the suggestion or verdict. Our mentality needs to adjust as per time.

Vijaya Singh: The supreme Court needs a Babri to be done on it. All hate us Hindus with the opposition adding fuel to the fire.

Bharat Mishra: Just to avoid any work during the Summer vacation.

Sidharth Tiwari: No. Even Supreme Court is looking for an escape route. Current Supreme court is not willing to bell the cat. They are just trying to see the elections through as they know things will again cool down thereafter.

Nayak Locanath: To delay the truth at any cost…?

ସଞ୍ଜୟ କୁମାର ପ୍ରଧାନ: No. It’s not possible.

Parsuram Das: No, we don’t hope so.

Ramachandi Prasad Ranasingh: There is a hope. Let’s wait and watch.

Akshay Rout: It’s an eye wash and ploy by the Supreme Court not to give an edge to BJP in the coming election. Mostly Congress proteges are there in the legal system.

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