People’s Voice: Separate Ministry on Disaster Management in Odisha


Nation First News:  Should the R&D Ministry be bifurcated in Odisha with a special focus on Disaster Management?

Meenakshi Mohanty: Absolutely yes … they will work more specifically and precisely.

Rajalaxmi Patra: It should be. Odisha being vulnerable to natural calamities, a specific department is essential.

Dilip Kumar Joshi: Yes, there should be two different ministries. As Odisha now a days is experiencing natural calamities every year, proper planning & implementation required. So a separate ministry is very much needed.

Simantini Jena: Yes. It’s needed, as Cyclone, Flood and drought all these calamities have become part of our life. That’s the irony of Odisha.

Balkrishna Mohapatra: Definitely a dedicated department/portfolio is highly essential for Odisha, which is more vulnerable to natural calamities. Hope this government will at least try to take such remarkable initiatives for next generation people. A signature campaign or PIL may be attempted to bring it to Govt’s attention.

Jagannath Satapathy: Absolutely. It is the need of the hour for having specilization while dealing such expected monsters, due to our geographical location with most seashore attached.Genius suggestion, I could only say.

Umashankar Sahu: Actually this is one of the most important topics we are debating today. Of course there should be a separate ministry for natural disaster and calamity management purpose in our state, as we are facing one or more than one cyclones here. Our domestics, crops, houses and lives get destroyed by it. Our new Govt.must look through this essential issue for the sake of our own state & its people.

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