Why Naveen Patnaik remains invincible in Odisha?


NFN Bureau:  Facebook Debate – Why Naveen Patnaik remains invincible in Odisha?

Rakesh Gupta: Due to his polite behavior, calm Nature, corruption-free image and work for masses in Odisha.

Abhin Adhikari: His strength is he can’t speak Odia. So he doesn’t speak more; mostly remain silent and makes Odias addicted to freebies.

Rajalaxmi Patra: Hiis silence is his strength. Moreover, people of Odisha are still not politically aware. They always find their self interest.

Shailendra Narayan Singh Deo: Because BJP doesn’t have experienced cadre to enable a win and Congress lacks in Will !! This is the state of the opposition here, even when anti-incumbency factor prevails in Odisha. Sad…

Bidya Jenamani: Poor opposition leader like Mr Dharmendra Pradhan vs Naveen pattnaik. Mr Dharmendra Pradhan and Basant panda should step down.

Priya Ranjan Samal: There are multiple reasons for this. 1) Pro-poor schemes, 2) Modi considers Naveen a potential ally, 3) Odisha BJP leaders love to hold press meets in BBSR instead of going to villages, 4) TINA factor works in favour of Naveen Patnaik, 5) Clean image, decency and no-corruption track record of Naveen Patnaik (himself).

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