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Fact Check: No, Delhi Police did not hit the Girls

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NFN Bureau: While the Delhi Police is under the scanner for entering the Jamia Milia Islamia University campus and using excessive force against the students during night hours, a lot of videos and photos are doing the round on Social Media, a few of them on TV channels too, giving conflicting views.

One of such photos, which was shown heavily on TV channels and circulated widely on Social Media, showed lathi-wielding cops chasing young girl students and threatened to hit them. It was also claimed that the girls were assaulted by the Cops.

However, the full video came to fore last night and it portrayed a different picture. The cops were in fact chasing a male student, who was trying to take refuge behind the girls. The girl students tried their best to protect him.

The cops first asked the youth to come out. When he did, they dragged him to the ground and hit with lathis. The girls rushed in to save him. That was the time when the photo was clicked, giving an impression that Cops were hitting the girls. The youth on the ground was not visible in the photo, but can be seen in the video.

The Cops never hit the girls and exercised restraint as evident from the video. However, they did not lose any opportunity to go after the youth. A cop with bleeding nose can be seen in the video. But, we are unable to verify whether he was injured by the man in the video or others during stone pelting. One girl can be seen falling on the ground while her colleagues coming to her rescue with water.

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