Fake News Alert: No, Abhinandan’s Uniform not put as ‘War Trophy’


NF Bureau: In order to trigger passions in India, Pakistan has launched another cyber psychological warfare by circulating a photo, saying Wing Commander Abhinandan’s photo is put as a ‘War Trophy’ in PAF’s War Museum.

This is a FAKE NEWS. The Uniform is not of Abhinandan. It’s the uniform of an Israeli Air Force Pilot, whose Mirage was shot down by a PAF Pilot flying a Syrian MiG-21 during Arab-Israel war in 1973.

We have combined three photos here – 1) Original Pic of the War Trophy, 2) The Pic being circulated as Abhinandan’s, 3) Photo of IAF Pilot’s Uniform.

If you closely look at the logo and the * mark at the right side of the uniforms in first and second pics, both are same and completely different from the IAF uniform. IAF Uniform has a different logo as shown in our pic as we compared all uniforms.

While we are not sure whether Pakistan will put Abhinandan’s uniform as the ‘War Trophy’ or not in future, we can confirm that the photo being circulated on social media is FAKE.

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