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Fighting for Justice & Calling for Rape!!!

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NFN Bureau: Soon after the encounter of 4 accused in Hyderabad Veterinary Doctor’s rape and murder case yesterday, widespread celebrations were reported across the country.

The mistrust in justice delivery system, loss of patience and failure of our legal system, can be attributed to those celebrations. People know they are defending a wrong, but probably no other option was left to them.

At the same time, there are many others who dismiss the act and believe it would set a bad precedent and steps should be taken to improve the justice delivery system instead of instant justice through “suspicious encounters”.

In a democracy, healthy debates should be welcomed and respected. If you have differences of opinion, you may oppose or argue using valid points. It’s up to you how you justify your stand. But, while pretending to fight for justice, if you lash out at other women, abuse them and even call for their rape, serious questions will be raised on your upbringing and values.

Your parents will be ashamed to see you doing the same (although virtually) what the rapists in Hyderabad did. Do you even understand what you are doing? Have you really lost it? Seems so. You must understand you cannot dictate terms and have others follow your line.

Some others, who take a dig using veiled words like “you would understand when you are raped”, are equally disgusting and should be condemned unequivocally. These “brainwashed” youths who spew venom on Social Media, are mostly products of “WhatsApp University” that is fast becoming a curse for the society.

Individuals may not fight these people alone, but it’s the responsibility of the society to protect all women against such abuse and threats even if we don’t subscribe to their views. The Cops should take pre-emptive action against such people to prevent hatred and any possible crime.

Hope good sense prevails!

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