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Know The Commander who returns salute to Army Dog

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NFN Bureau: A viral photo of an Army Officer returning the salute to an Army Dog, is doing the round on Social Media. But, very few people know who is the officer.

The officer in the picture, has been identified as 15 Corps Commander Lt Gen KJS Dhillon. The picture of the Chinar Corps Commander and the dog was captured on July 1, 2019 during Amarnath Yatra.

The dog, ‘Maneka’ was on duty when it noticed the Corps Commander and saluted him. Lt Gen KJS Dhillon reciprocated with a return salute.

As per the traditions of the Indian Army, Seniors are supposed to reciprocate the salute and that’s what Lt Gen Dhillon did. Later, Lt Gen Dhillon tweeted: “Salute to the Buddy who saved many a lives many a times.”

The Army’s Remount Veterinary Corps (RVC) ownes several trained dogs, mules and horses to help them in difficult terrain.

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