Media Activism poses threat to National Integration


NF Bureau (By Pranab Pani): It’s a very disturbing scenario in India’s Electronic Media that the TV News Anchors are acting like Activists provoking the panel and forcing their premeditated views on everyone including the viewers. It’s surely Media Activism at its worst. The News Anchors becoming ‘sound pollutants’ with their cacophonous approach.

They all are instigating and provoking the audience with absolutely biased headlines and questions. All these have contributed to the increasing intolerance and abusive behaviour in public discourse. The way Politics has taken center stage in India’s society, what will happen to the demographic dividends that India is enjoying today with a youthful population?

Sadly, most people today are taking sides with their political following and truth becomes the biggest casualty while National Productivity is declining rapidly. Time to take a meditated pause and ponder over the same sensibly.

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