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WhatsApp University claims embarrasses Fadnavis

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NFN Bureau: Soon after the BJP failed to secure majority in Maharashtra and Devendra Fadnavis had to resign as the CM, there was a debate whether BJP did a mistake by trusting Ajit Pawar and acting in haste to form government in the State.

The WhatsApp University fabricated a story to counter the negative perception against the BJP, with a fake message, which claimed that BJP staged a drama so that Rs 40,000 crore funds are returned to the Centre and Maha Vikash Aghadi (Shiv Sena-NCP and Congress) does not get a chance to “loot” that money.

The supporters and fanboys powered by the IT Cell continue to spread the message to rescue BJP. Many believed it and heaved a sigh of relief as if Maharashtra was just saved from a big plunder!

Neither BJP nor Fadnavis deny the claims earlier. But, when the claims were reiterated by its Karnataka MP and former Union Minister Ananta Kumar Hegde, which resulted in a big controversy, Fadnavis was forced to issue a statement, rubbishing those.

An embarrassed Fadnavis refuted Hegde’s statement and said he took no such decision to return the funds to Centre in his 80-hour-long tenure as the CM of the State. He also asked the Maharashtra Govt to probe the matter if there is any doubt.

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