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Mixed Wrestling & Gender Battle – Rampaging Sonia Part I

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NFN Bureau: Raj showed a lot of arrogance and tried to impose false manhood on Sonia. But, he chose a wrong person. Sonia was not in a mood to take it lightly. Being an athlete, a fit and strong girl, she dared to challenge Raj.

The male ego syndrome played its part. How could Raj back off? A girl had challenged his manhood after all. So, the battle line was drawn. The first 15 minutes were not easy for anyone and Raj had the edge due the aggression he had.

Sonia waited patiently. She knew she had to store the stamina. She made strategic moves only, allowed Raj to exhaust all his stamina and energy. And, after 15 minutes, she started to bounce back. Seriously, Raj had no answers.

Now, Sonia started to dominate by pinning him down and then sitting on his chest and then trying to tie him with a rope.


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