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Views: Nobody gains from Violence

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NFN Bureau: Whether students or policemen, both suffer when a violent protest breaks out. The mob did not consider human values and launch assault. The Cops get outraged and retaliate with full force.

There may not be any sympathy for the violent students who take the law into their hand. But, when innocent students are attacked and their future is ruined, there is a reason for concern.

On the other hand, the cops who do a thankless job 24×7 and hardly get any appreciation even for their good work, find themselves at the receiving end if they are outnumbered by the mob.

Both photos here show the reality of violence – A student, who lost his vision and a Cop who just fell short of losing his.

While the Cop in the photo is not identified, the young Jamia Millia Islamia student Minajuddin who was injured during police action inside the Library on December 15, has lost his eye. The loss of vision in Left Eye may impact his Right Eye too, say Doctors.

Will these photos force us to change our perspective and become more compassionate in future irrespective of our ideological/political affiliation?

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