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Views: Time to show Zero Tolerance towards Vandalism

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Any peaceful protest against a government decision is most welcome, as it strengthens democracy. It hardly matters what the supporters of the government say as it’s their job to defend their party/government and slam the critics.

But, when a protest becomes violent with holloganism taking charge, it loses the sheen. The protesters lose trust of the common people. Whatever happened in Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka & Gujarat, is simply unacceptable.

While the States failed to contain violence despite enough intelligence inputs, the main question remains – who fuelled the fire to trigger such violence and how! The guilty must be brought to book without any exception.

Riots and vandalism are not the solution. Peaceful protests may continue till the protesters are satisfied or assured. But, there should be zero tolerance towards Vandalism. People indulge in violence and arson should be dealt with an iron hand.

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